A Fast and Flexible Bayesian Tool for Estimating Epidemiological Parameters

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Documentation for package ‘EpiLPS’ version 1.3.0

Help Pages

cov19incidence2022 Incidence data for Belgium in 2022
cov19mort2021 Mortality data for Belgium in 2021
epicurve Plot the epidemic curve
episim Simulation of an incidence time series
eruptions Eruption times in Yellowstone National Park
estimIncub Estimation of the incubation density based on coarse data
estimR Estimation of the reproduction number with Laplacian-P-splines
estimRmcmc Estimation of the reproduction number with Laplacian-P-splines via MCMC
histosmooth Histogram smoothing with Laplacian-P-splines
Idist Density function and discrete distribution for a disease interval
incubsim Simulation of incubation times
influenza2009 Data on the 2009 pandemic influenza in Pennsylvania
nowcasting Nowcasting and estimation of occurred but not yet reported events
nowcastingR Nowcasting the reproduction number
perfRestim Routine to measure the performance of estimR and estimRmcmc
plot.Idist Plot the interval distribution from an Idist object
plot.incubestim Plot the estimated incubation distribution
plot.nowcasted Plot of nowcasted cases and delay distribution
plot.Rt Plot the estimated reproduction number
plot.Rtnow Plot the nowcasted reproduction number
Rmodelpriors Prior specification for model hyperparameters
sars2003 Daily incidence of the 2003 SARS epidemic in Hong Kong
summary.Rt Summarize the estimated reproduction number
zika2015 Data on the 2015 Zika virus disease in Colombia