'DataSHIELD' Interface

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Documentation for package ‘DSI’ version 1.5.0

Help Pages

datashield.aggregate Data aggregation
datashield.assign Data assignment (table or expression result)
datashield.assign.expr Expression result assignment
datashield.assign.resource Resource assignment
datashield.assign.table Table assignment
datashield.connections List the DSConnection objects in the analytic environment
datashield.connections_default Set or get the default list of DSConnection objects in the analytic environment
datashield.connections_find Search for DSConnection objects in the analytic environment
datashield.errors List R last errors
datashield.login Logs in a DataSHIELD R sessions and optionaly assigns variables to R
datashield.logout Logout from DataSHIELD R sessions
datashield.methods List of DataSHIELD methods
datashield.method_status Status of the DataSHIELD methods
datashield.pkg_check Check server-side package minimum version
datashield.pkg_status Status of the DataSHIELD packages
datashield.profiles List of DataSHIELD profiles
datashield.resources List of the resources
datashield.resource_status Status of some resources
datashield.rm Remove a R symbol
datashield.symbols List R symbols
datashield.tables List of the tables
datashield.table_status Status of some tables
datashield.workspaces List saved DataSHIELD R workspaces
datashield.workspace_restore Restore saved workspace to the current DataSHIELD R session
datashield.workspace_rm Remove a DataSHIELD workspace
datashield.workspace_save Save DataSHIELD R session to a workspace
dsAggregate Aggregate data
dsAssignExpr Assign an expression result
dsAssignResource Assign a resource object
dsAssignTable Assign a data table
dsConnect Create a connection to a DataSHIELD-aware data repository
DSConnection-class DSConnection class
dsDisconnect Disconnect (close) a connection
DSDriver-class DSDriver class
dsFetch Get the raw result
dsGetInfo Get DataSHIELD-aware data repository metadata
dsHasResource Check remote resource exists
dsHasTable Check remote table exists
dsIsAsync Asynchronous result support
dsIsCompleted Get whether the operation is completed
dsKeepAlive Keep a connection alive
dsListMethods Get the DataSHIELD methods
dsListPackages Get the DataSHIELD packages
dsListProfiles Get the DataSHIELD profiles
dsListResources List remote resources
dsListSymbols List symbols
dsListTables List remote tables
dsListWorkspaces Get the DataSHIELD workspaces
DSLoginBuilder DataSHIELD login details builder
DSObject-class DSObject class
dsRestoreWorkspace Restore a saved DataSHIELD R session (a workspace) into the current DataSHIELD R session
DSResult-class DSResult class
dsRmSymbol Remove a symbol
dsRmWorkspace Remove a DataSHIELD workspace
dsSaveWorkspace Save the DataSHIELD R session in a workspace
newDSLoginBuilder Create a new DataSHIELD login details builder