Differential Gene Expression (DGE) Analysis Results Data Object

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Documentation for package ‘DGEobj’ version 1.1.2

Help Pages

DGEobj-package DGEobj Package Overview
addItem Add a data item
addItems Add multiple data items
annotateDGEobj Add annotations
as.list.DGEobj Cast as a simple list
baseType Get the baseType of an internal data item
baseTypes Get a list of the available baseTypes
dim.DGEobj Get the "assay" dimensions (row/genes by col/samples)
dimnames.DGEobj Get the "assay" names (row/genes by col/samples)
getAttributes Get all attributes
getBaseType Retrieve data items by baseType
getItem Retrieve a data item by name
getItems Retrieve multiple data items by name
getType Retrieve data items by type
initDGEobj Initialize with base data (primaryAssayData, row annotations, col annotations)
initDGEobjDef Instantiate a class DGEobjDef object.
inventory Retrieve the object inventory
newType Add a new type definition to a DGEobj
print.DGEobj Print the Inventory
resetDGEobj Reset to original data
rmItem Removes a named data item
setAttributes Set attributes
showAttributes Print attributes
showMeta Retrieve the Key/Value metadata attributes that have a character value and length of 1
showTypes Returns and prints the list of all defined types
subset.DGEobj Subset internal row or column data
[.DGEobj Subset with square brackets