Convex Hull

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Documentation for package ‘cxhull’ version 0.7.4

Help Pages

cxhull Convex hull
cxhullEdges Vertices and edges of convex hull
daVinciSphere Leonardo da Vinci's 72-sided sphere
dihedralAngles Dihedral angles
EdgesAB Edges of a triangulated 3D convex hull
EdgesXYZ Edges coordinates
hexacosichoron Vertices of the 600-cell
hullMesh Mesh of a 3d convex hull
hullSummary Summary of 3D convex hull
plotConvexHull3d Plot triangulated 3d convex hull
TrianglesXYZ Triangles of a triangulated 3D convex hull
VerticesXYZ Convex hull vertices