Dynamic Logging for R Inspired by Configuration Driven Development

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Documentation for package ‘dyn.log’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

.onAttach Attach Handler Package initialization routine.
.onDetach Detach Handler Package initialization routine.
.onLoad Load Handler Package initialization routine.
active Active Settings
apply_active_settings Apply Active Logger Settings
as.character.log_level Get Log Level Name
as.integer.log_level Gets the severity of a log level.
class_scope Calling Class Scope
clean_internal_calls Clean System Calls
config_specification Config Specification
create_log_levels Attach Log Levels
display_log_levels Display Log Levels
ensure_logger Ensure Instance
evaluate_layout Evaluate Layout
exec_context Execution Context
extract_func_name Extract Function Name
format.fmt_timestamp Gets the format of a format object.
format.log_level Log Level Format
format_fn_call Format Function Call
get_active_settings Active Logger Settings
get_call_stack Formatted Call Stack
get_configurations Get Configurations
get_minimum_severity Get Minimum Severity
get_r_version R Version
get_system_info Get System Info
init_logger Init Logger
is_logger_call Is Logger Call
length.log_layout Log Layout Length
level_description Log Level Description
level_info Log Level Information
level_name Get Level Name
level_severities Level Severities
level_severity get level severity
load_log_layouts Load Log Layouts
LogDispatch Log Dispatch
log_layouts Log Layouts
log_layout_detail Log Layout Detail
log_levels Log Levels
new_fmt_cls_field Formatted field from the calling class scope.
new_fmt_exec_scope Formatted variable from the execution scope.
new_fmt_layout Format Layout
new_fmt_line_break Formatted Line Break
new_fmt_literal Formatted Literal
new_fmt_log_level Formatted Log Level
new_fmt_log_msg Formatted Messaged, based on log level
new_fmt_metric Formatted Metric
new_fmt_timestamp Formatted Time stamp
new_log_layout Log Layout
new_log_level Log Level
style Style
style.fmt_layout Style
style.log_level Get Level Style
sys_context System Context
value Value
value.fmt_cls_field Value
value.fmt_exec_scope Value
value.fmt_literal Value
value.fmt_log_level Value
value.fmt_log_msg Value
value.fmt_metric Value
value.fmt_newline Value
value.fmt_timestamp Value
wipe_logger Wipe the Logger Instance