Analysis of Check-All-that-Apply (CATA) Data

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Documentation for package ‘cata’ version

Help Pages

barray Convert 3d array of CATA data to 4d array of CATA differences
bcluster Wrapper function for b-cluster analysis
bcluster.h b-cluster analysis by hierarchical agglomerative strategy
bcluster.n b-cluster analysis by non-hierarchical iterative ascent clustering strategy
bread Consumer CATA data set: bread
cochranQ Cochran's Q test
evaluateClusterQuality Evaluate Quality of Cluster Analysis Solution
getb Calculate the b-measure
homogeneity Calculate within-cluster homogeneity
inspect Inspect/summarize many b-cluster analysis runs
mcnemarQ McNemar's test
pLift Penalty-Lift Analysis
rv.coef Calculate RV Coefficient
salton Salton's cosine measure
toMatrix Converts 3d array of CATA data to a tall 2d matrix format
toWideMatrix Converts 3d array of CATA data to a wide 2d matrix format