Bayesian Distribution Regression

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Documentation for package ‘bayesdistreg’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

asymcnfB Asymmetric simultaneous bayesian confidence bands
distreg Bayesian distribution regression
distreg.asymp Asymptotic distribution regression Semi-asymptotic bayesian distribution
distreg_cfa Counterfactual bayesian distribution regression Semi-asymptotic counterfactual distribution
dr_asympar Binary glm object at several threshold values
fitdist The distribution of mean fitted logit probabilities
fitlogit Fitted logit probabilities
IndepMH Independence Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
indicat Indicator function
jdpar.asymp Joint asymptotic mutivariate density of parameters
jntCBOM Montiel Olea and Plagborg-Moller (2018) confidence bands
lapl_aprx Laplace approximation of posterior to normal
lapl_aprx2 Laplace approximation of posterior to normal
logit Logit likelihood function
LogitLink Logit function
parLply Parallel compute
par_distreg Parallel compute bayesian distribution regression
posterior Posterior distribution
prior_n Normal Prior distribution
prior_u Uniform Prior distribution
quant_bdr Quantile conversion of a bayesian distribution matrix
RWMH Random Walk Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
simcnfB Symmetric simultaneous bayesian confidence bands