Test Data for the 'admiral' Package

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Documentation for package ‘admiral.test’ version 0.7.0

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admiral_ae Adverse Events Dataset-updated
admiral_cm Concomitant Medication Dataset
admiral_dm Demography Dataset
admiral_ds Disposition Dataset-updated
admiral_eg Electrocardiogram Dataset
admiral_ex Exposure Dataset
admiral_lb Laboratory Measurements Dataset
admiral_mh Medical History Dataset-updated
admiral_oe Ophthalmic Examinations Dataset
admiral_pc Pharmacokinetics Concentrations Dataset
admiral_pp Pharmacokinetic Parameters Dataset
admiral_qs Questionnaire Dataset
admiral_rs Disease Response Dataset
admiral_sc Subject Characteristic Dataset
admiral_sdg_db SDG Dataset
admiral_smq_db SMQ Dataset
admiral_suppae Supplemental Adverse Events Dataset
admiral_suppdm Supplemental Demography Dataset
admiral_suppds Supplemental Disposition Dataset-updated
admiral_supptr Supplemental Tumor Results Dataset
admiral_sv Subject Visits Dataset
admiral_tr Tumor Results Dataset
admiral_ts Trial Design Dataset
admiral_tu Tumor Identification Dataset
admiral_vs Vital Signs Dataset
get_terms An example function as expected by the 'get_terms_fun' parameter of 'admiral::create_query_data()'
raw_ae Adverse Events Dataset-raw
raw_ds Disposition Dataset-raw
raw_lb Laboratory Measurements Dataset
raw_mh Medical History Dataset-raw
raw_qs Questionnaire Dataset
raw_suppds Supplemental Disposition Dataset-raw