An R Shiny Application for Biological Dosimetry

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Documentation for package ‘biodosetools’ version 3.6.1

Help Pages

AIC_from_data Calculate AIC (Akaike's 'An Information Criterion')
biodosetools 'biodosetools' package
calculate_aberr Aberration calculation functions
calculate_aberr_disp_index Aberration calculation functions
calculate_aberr_mean Aberration calculation functions
calculate_aberr_power Aberration calculation functions
calculate_aberr_table Calculate aberrations table
calculate_aberr_u_value Aberration calculation functions
calculate_aberr_var Aberration calculation functions
calculate_genome_factor Calculate genomic conversion factor
calculate_model_stats Calculate model statistics
calculate_trans_rate_manual Calculate manual translocation rate
calculate_trans_rate_sigurdson Calculate Sigurdson's translocation rate
calculate_yield Calculate yield from dose
calculate_yield_infimum Calculate theoretical yield infimum
correct_boundary Correct boundary of irradiated fractions to be bounded by 0 and 1
correct_conf_int Correct yield confidence interval
correct_negative_vals Correct negative values
correct_yield Correct yields if they are below the curve
dna_content_fractions_ihgsc DNA Content Fractions of Human Chromosomes (IHGSC)
dna_content_fractions_morton DNA Content Fractions of Human Chromosomes (Morton 1991)
estimate_hetero_mixed_poisson Heterogeneous dose estimation (Mixed Poisson model)
estimate_partial_body_dolphin Partial-body dose estimation (Dolphin's method)
estimate_whole_body_delta Whole-body dose estimation (delta method)
estimate_whole_body_merkle Whole-body dose estimation (Merkle's method)
fit Perform dose-effect fitting algorithm
fit_glm_method Perform GLM (Generalised Linear Model) fitting
fit_maxlik_method Perform max-likelihood optimization fitting
get_deltamethod_std_err Get standard errors using delta method
include_help Include Markdown help
init_aberr_table Aberration calculation functions
load_rmd_report Load RMarkdown report
plot_estimated_dose_curve Plot dose estimation curve
plot_fit_dose_curve Plot fit dose curve
prepare_maxlik_count_data Prepare count data for max-likelihood optimization fitting
project_yield Project yield into dose-effect fitting curve
protracted_g_function Calculate protracted function G(x)
run_app Run the Shiny Application
R_factor Calculate R regression confidence factor
yield_error_fun Calculate yield error
yield_fun Calculate yield