Bayesian Inference for Differential Equations

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Documentation for package ‘deBInfer’ version 0.4.4

Help Pages

chytrid Chytrid fungus data set
debinfer_cov debinfer_cov
debinfer_par debinfer_par
deinits Get starting/fixed values of DE initial values
depars Get starting/fixed values of DE parameters
de_mcmc de_mcmc
is.debinfer_parlist is.debinfer_parlist
is.debinfer_result is.debinfer_result
logd_prior logd_prior
logistic Logistic growth data set
log_post_params log_post_params
log_prior_params log_prior_params
pairs.debinfer_result Pairwise posterior marginals
plot.debinfer_result Plot inference outputs
plot.post_sim_list Plot posterior trajectory
post_prior_densplot Plot posterior marginals and corresponding priors
post_sim post_sim
prior_draw_rev prior_draw_rev
propose_joint_rev propose_joint
propose_single_rev propose_single_rev
reshape_post_sim Reshape posterior model solutions
setup_debinfer setup_debinfer
solve_de solve_de
summary.debinfer_result Summary of the inference results
update_sample_rev update_sample_rev