Identify Relevant Clinical Codes and Evaluate Their Use

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Documentation for package ‘CodelistGenerator’ version 2.2.3

Help Pages

achillesCodeUse Summarise code use from achilles counts
codesFromCohort Get concept ids from a provided path to cohort json files
codesFromConceptSet Get concept ids from a provided path to json files
codesInUse Get codes used in the database
compareCodelists Compare two codelists
findOrphanCodes Find orphan codes related to a codelist
getATCCodes Get descendant codes for ATC levels
getCandidateCodes Generate candidate codelist for the OMOP CDM
getConceptClassId getConceptClassId
getDescendants getDescendants
getDomains getDomains
getDoseForm getDoseForm
getDrugIngredientCodes Get descendant codes for drug ingredients
getICD10StandardCodes Get corresponding standard codes for ICD-10 chapters and sub-chapters
getMappings Show mappings from non-standard vocabularies to standard
getVocabularies getVocabularies
getVocabVersion getVocabVersion
mockVocabRef Generate example vocabulary database
restrictToCodesInUse Filter a codelist to keep only the codes used in the database
sourceCodesInUse Get source codes used in the database
summariseCodeUse Summarise code use in patient-level data
summariseCohortCodeUse Summarise code use among a cohort in the cdm reference