Ascent Training Datasets

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Documentation for package ‘ascentTraining’ version 1.0.0

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ascentTraining-package Ascent Training Datasets
ascentTraining Ascent Training Datasets
auto_mpg Auto MPG Data Set
bbc_articles BBC articles data
bbc_articles_full Full BBC Articles data
bbc_business_123 BBC Business article data
bbc_politics_123 BBC Politics article data
body_image Body image dataset
book_sections Gutenberg Project books dataset
boston Boston housing dataset
breast_cancer Wisconsin Diagnostic Breast Cancer (WDBC)
breast_cancer_clean_features Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database
breast_cancer_clean_target Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database
carriers Carrier data
commute R For Data Science tidytuesday commute dataset
demoData Demographics data
demo_data Demographics data
dowJonesData Dow Jones Index Data
dow_jones_data Dow Jones Index Data
drugs Repeated Measures Drug data
emaxData Data that can be used to fit or plot Emax models
emax_data Data that can be used to fit or plot Emax models
emax_fun Function to calculate Emax
logistic_fun Function to fit logistic model
messyData Messy clinical trial data
messy_data Messy clinical trial data
missingPk Clinical trial data
missing_pk Clinical trial data
pkData Typical PK data
pk_data Typical PK data
policyData Insurance Policy Data
policy_data Insurance Policy Data
qtpk2 Typical PK data
runData An example of NONMEM run data
run_data An example of NONMEM run data
students Students simulated data
tubeData London Tube Performance data
tube_data London Tube Performance data
xpData Typical NONMEM data
xp_data Typical NONMEM data
x_iris Iris predictors data for Species classification
y_iris Iris class data for Species classification