Chromatographic File Converter

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Documentation for package ‘chromConverter’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

attach_metadata Attaches metadata to chromatogram
call_entab Entab parsers
call_openchrom Parse files with OpenChrom
configure_aston Configure Aston
read_chemstation_csv Chemstation CSV reader
read_chromeleon Chromeleon ascii reader
read_chroms Read Chromatograms
read_mzml Extract UV data from mzML files
read_shimadzu Shimadzu ascii reader
read_thermoraw Read ThermoRaw files into R using ThermoRawFileParser
read_waters_arw Waters ascii (.arw) reader
sp_converter Converter for Agilent MassHunter UV files
uv_converter Converter for Agilent ChemStation UV files