Interactive R Tutorials to Accompany Field (2016), "An Adventure in Statistics"

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Documentation for package ‘adventr’ version 0.1.8

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adventr adventr: tutorials in R for An Adventure in Statistics (Field, 2016).
alice_dat Alice's gene data
calcite_dat Calcite mask data
garlic_dat Zombie garlic data
ha_dat Subset of Ha et al. (2010) data
implant_dat Memory implanting data
jig_dat JIG:SAW employee data.
mask_dat Invisibility paste data
memory_dat Memory erasing data
mem_cov_dat Memory erasing data with covariate
ras_dat Alice's RAS scores
recovery_dat Zombie recovery data
rehab_dat Zombie rehabilitation data
rehab_growth_dat Zombie rehabilitation longitudinal data
taser_dat Zombie immobility data
teddy_dat Teddy therapy data.
zhang_female_dat Subset of Zhang data (female sample N = 20)