Useful Functions for Data Processing

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Documentation for package ‘baizer’ version 0.1.0

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%neq% not equal calculation operator, support NA
%nin% not in calculation operator
c2r wrapper of tibble::column_to_rownames
collapse_vector dump a named vector into character
detect_dup detect possible duplication in a vector, ignore case, blank and special character
diff_index the index of nth different character
fancy_count better count to show a main column and a fine column
fix_to_regex trans fixed string into regular expression string
float_to_percent from float number to percent number if a number only have zeros
mini_diamond Minimal tibble dataset adjusted from diamond
number_fun_wrapper wrapper of the functions to process number string with prefix and suffix
ordered_slice better slice by an ordered vector
percent_to_float from percent number to float number
r2c wrapper of tibble::rownames_to_column
round_string from float number to fixed digits character
signif_round_string signif or round strings
signif_string from float number to fixed significant digits character