Building and Training Neural Networks

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Documentation for package ‘cito’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

ALE Accumulated Local Effect Plot (ALE)
analyze_training Visualize training of Neural Network
cito 'cito': Building and training neural networks
coef.citodnn Returns list of parameters the neural network model currently has in use
config_lr_scheduler Creation of customized learning rate scheduler objects
config_optimizer Creation of customized optimizer objects
continue_training Continues training of a model for additional periods
dnn DNN
PDP Partial Dependence Plot (PDP)
plot.citodnn Creates graph plot which gives an overview of the network architecture.
predict.citodnn Predict from a fitted dnn model
print.citodnn Print class citodnn
print.summary.citodnn Print method for class summary.citodnn
residuals.citodnn Extract Model Residuals
summary.citodnn Summarize Neural Network of class citodnn