Broadly Useful Convenient and Efficient R Functions

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Documentation for package ‘bruceR’ version 0.7.2

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bruceR-package bruceR: *BR*oadly *U*seful *C*onvenient and *E*fficient *R* functions
%%COMPUTE%% Multivariate computation.
%allin% A simple extension of '%in%'.
%anyin% A simple extension of '%in%'.
%nonein% A simple extension of '%in%'.
%notin% The opposite of '%in%'.
%partin% A simple extension of '%in%'.
%^% Paste strings together.
Alpha Reliability analysis (Cronbach's alpha and McDonald's omega).
between.1 Demo data.
between.2 Demo data.
between.3 Demo data.
bruceR bruceR: *BR*oadly *U*seful *C*onvenient and *E*fficient *R* functions
bruceR-demodata Demo data.
ccf_plot Cross-correlation analysis.
CFA Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA).
CONSEC Multivariate computation.
Corr Correlation analysis (to R Console or MS Word).
cor_diff Test the difference between two correlations.
COUNT Multivariate computation.
Describe Descriptive statistics (to R Console or MS Word).
dtime Timer (compute time difference).
EFA Exploratory factor analysis (EFA).
EMMEANS Simple-effect analysis and post-hoc multiple comparison.
formatF Format numeric values.
formatN Format "1234" to "1,234".
formula_expand Expand all interaction terms in a formula.
formula_paste Paste a formula into a string.
Freq Frequency statistics (to R Console or MS Word).
GLM_summary Tidy report of GLM ('lm' and 'glm' models).
Glue Print strings with rich formats and colors.
grand_mean_center Grand-mean centering.
granger_causality Granger causality test (multivariate).
granger_test Granger causality test (bivariate).
group_mean_center Group-mean centering
HLM_ICC_rWG Tidy report of HLM indices: ICC(1), ICC(2), and rWG/rWG(J).
HLM_summary Tidy report of HLM ('lmer' and 'glmer' models).
lavaan_summary Tidy report of lavaan model.
LOOKUP Search, match, and look up values (like Excel's functions 'INDEX + MATCH').
MANOVA Multi-factor ANOVA.
MEAN Multivariate computation.
med_summary Tidy report of mediation analysis (to R Console or MS Word).
mixed.2_1b1w Demo data.
mixed.3_1b2w Demo data.
mixed.3_2b1w Demo data.
MODE Multivariate computation.
model_summary Tidy report of regression models (to R Console or MS Word).
p Compute _p_ value.
p.chi2 Compute _p_ value.
p.f Compute _p_ value.
p.r Compute _p_ value.
p.t Compute _p_ value.
p.z Compute _p_ value.
pkg_depend Check dependencies of R packages.
pkg_install_suggested Install suggested R packages.
Print Print strings with rich formats and colors.
print_table Print a three-line table (to R Console or MS Word).
PROCESS PROCESS for mediation and/or moderation analyses.
RECODE Recode a variable.
regress Regression analysis.
rep_char Repeat a character string for many times and paste them up.
RESCALE Rescale a variable (e.g., from 5-point to 7-point).
RGB A simple extension of 'rgb()'.
Run Run code parsed from text.
scaler Min-max scaling (min-max normalization).
set.wd Set working directory to where the current file is.
show_colors Show colors.
STD Multivariate computation.
SUM Multivariate computation.
theme_bruce A nice 'ggplot2' theme that enables Markdown/HTML rich text.
within.1 Demo data.
within.2 Demo data.
within.3 Demo data.