Tools for Estimating and Predicting the Cosinor Model

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Documentation for package ‘cosinor’ version 1.2.2

Help Pages

cosinor.lm Fit cosinor model
cosinor.lm.default Fit cosinor model
cosinor_analyzer Shiny application to demonstrate cosinor fit
get_varnames Extract variable names from terms object, handling specials
ggplot.cosinor.lm Plot a cosinor model
predict.cosinor.lm Predict from a cosinor model
print.cosinor.lm Print cosinor model
print.summary.cosinor.lm Print the summary of a cosinor model
print.test Print test of model
print.test_cosinor Print results of test of cosinor model
simulate_cosinor Simulate data from a cosinor model
summary.cosinor.lm Summarize a cosinor model
test_cosinor Test for differences in a cosinor model
update_covnames Replace covariate names with descriptive text
vitamind Vitamin D