Early Detection of Public Health Threats from Twitter Data

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Documentation for package ‘epitweetr’ version 2.0.3

Help Pages

check_all Run automatic sanity checks
create_map Plot the map report on the epitweetr dashboard
create_topchart Plot the top elements for a specific series on the epitweetr dashboard
create_topwords Plot the top words report on the epitweetr dashboard
detect_loop Runs the detect loop
download_dependencies Updates Java dependencies
ears_t_reweighted algorithm for outbreak detection, extends the EARS algorithm
epitweetr_app Run the epitweetr Shiny app
fs_loop Runs the epitweetr embedded database loop
generate_alerts Execute the alert task
geolocate_text geolocate text in a data frame given a text column and optionally a language column
get_aggregates Getting already aggregated time series produced by 'detect_loop'
get_alerts Getting signals produced by the task 'generate_alerts' of 'detect_loop'
get_tasks Get the 'detect_loop' task status
get_todays_sample_tweets Get a sample of latest tweet geolocations (removed)
health_check Send email to administrator if a failure of epitweetr is detected
json2lucene Function used for migrating tweets from to old to the new file system
register_fs_monitor Registers the fs_monitor for the current process or exits
save_config Save the configuration changes
search_loop Runs the search loop
search_tweets perform full text search on tweets collected with epitweetr
setup_config Load epitweetr application settings
set_twitter_app_auth Save Twitter App credentials
trend_line Plot the trendline report of epitweetr dashboard
update_geonames Updates the local copy of the GeoNames database
update_languages Updates local copies of languages