Simulation and Analysis of Adaptive Bayesian Clinical Trials

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Documentation for package ‘bayesCT’ version 0.99.3

Help Pages

analysis Analysis wrapper function
beta_prior Beta prior for for control and treatment group
binomialBACT Binomial counts for Bayesian Adaptive Trials
binomialdata Binomial dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
binomial_analysis Analyzing Bayesian trial for binomial counts
binomial_outcome Proportion of an event in control and treatment
data_binomial Data file for binomial analysis
data_normal Data file for normal analysis
data_survival Data file for survival analysis
enrollment Simulating enrollment dates
enrollment_rate Enrollment rate wrapper
gamma_prior Gamma prior for for control and treatment group
historical_binomial Historical data for binomial distribution
historical_normal Historical data for normal distribution
historical_survival Historical data for survival analysis
hypothesis Hypothesis wrapper
impute Imputation wrapper
normalBACT Normal distribution for Bayesian Adaptive Trials
normaldata Gaussian dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
normal_analysis Analyzing Bayesian trial for normal mean data
normal_outcome Parameters for treatment and control in normal case
pw_exp_impute Imputes time-to-event outcomes.
pw_exp_sim Simulates time-to-event outcomes.
randomization Randomization allocation
randomize Randomization scheme wrapper
simulate Simulation wrapper for binomial and normal.
study_details Details of the clinical study
survivalBACT Time-to-event outcome for Bayesian Adaptive Trials
survivaldata Time-to-event dataset for analyzing adaptive Bayesian trials
survival_analysis Analyzing Bayesian trial for time-to-event data
survival_outcome Piecewise constant hazard rates and the cutpoint for control and treatment group