Business Process Analysis in R

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Documentation for package ‘bupaR’ version 0.5.3

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-- A --

activities Activities
activities.activitylog Activities
activities.grouped_log Activities
activitylog Create activity log
activity_id Activity classifier
activity_id.default Activity classifier
activity_id.log_mapping Activity classifier
activity_instance_id Activity instance classifier
activity_instance_id.activitylog Activity instance classifier
activity_instance_id.activitylog_mapping Activity instance classifier
activity_instance_id.eventlog Activity instance classifier
activity_instance_id.eventlog_mapping Activity instance classifier
activity_labels Get vector of activity labels
activity_labels.log Get vector of activity labels
act_collapse Collapse activity labels of a sub process into a single activity
act_collapse.activitylog Collapse activity labels of a sub process into a single activity
act_collapse.eventlog Collapse activity labels of a sub process into a single activity
act_collapse.grouped_log Collapse activity labels of a sub process into a single activity
act_recode Recode activity labels
act_recode.grouped_log Recode activity labels
act_recode.log Recode activity labels
act_unite Unite activity labels
act_unite.grouped_log Unite activity labels
act_unite.log Unite activity labels
add_end_activity Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_end_activity.activitylog Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_end_activity.eventlog Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_end_activity.grouped_log Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_start_activity Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_start_activity.activitylog Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_start_activity.eventlog Add Artificial Start/End Activities
add_start_activity.grouped_log Add Artificial Start/End Activities
assign_instance_id Assign activity instance identifier to events

-- B --

bupaR bupaR - Business Process Analysis in R

-- C --

cases Cases
cases.activitylog Cases
cases.eventlog Cases
cases.log Cases
case_id Case classifier
case_id.activitylog Case classifier
case_id.activitylog_mapping Case classifier
case_id.eventlog Case classifier
case_id.eventlog_mapping Case classifier
case_labels Case labels
case_labels.log Case labels
case_list Case list
case_list.activitylog Case list
case_list.eventlog Case list
convert_timestamps Convert timestamp format

-- D --

detect_resource_inconsistencies Detect resource inconsistencies
durations Durations

-- E --

eventlog Eventlog
events_to_activitylog Events to activities

-- F --

first_n first_n
first_n.activitylog first_n
first_n.eventlog first_n
first_n.grouped_log first_n
fix_resource_inconsistencies Fix resource inconsistencies
fix_resource_inconsistencies.activitylog Fix resource inconsistencies
fix_resource_inconsistencies.eventlog Fix resource inconsistencies

-- G --

grouped_activitylog Grouped activitylog object
grouped_eventlog Grouped eventlog object
grouped_log Grouped log object
group_by_activity Group event log on activity id
group_by_activity_instance Group event log on activity instance id
group_by_case Group event log on case id
group_by_ids Group log on identifiers
group_by_ids.log Group log on identifiers
group_by_resource Group event log on resource id
group_by_resource_activity Group event log on resource and activity id

-- I --

ieventlog Eventlog
is.activitylog Test if the Object is a Log
is.eventlog Test if the Object is a Log
is.grouped_activitylog Test if the Object is a Log
is.grouped_eventlog Test if the Object is a Log
is.grouped_log Test if the Object is a Log
is.log Test if the Object is a Log
isimple_eventlog Simple Eventlog

-- L --

last_n last_n
last_n.activitylog last_n
last_n.eventlog last_n
last_n.grouped_log last_n
lifecycles Life cycles
lifecycles.activitylog Life cycles
lifecycles.eventlog Life cycles
lifecycles.grouped_activitylog Life cycles
lifecycles.grouped_eventlog Life cycles
lifecycle_id Life cycle classifier
lifecycle_id.eventlog Life cycle classifier
lifecycle_id.eventlog_mapping Life cycle classifier
lifecycle_labels Get vector of lifecycle labels.
lifecycle_labels.activitylog Get vector of lifecycle labels.
lifecycle_labels.eventlog Get vector of lifecycle labels.
log Log object

-- M --

mapping Mapping
mapping.activitylog Mapping
mapping.eventlog Mapping

-- N --

n_activities n_activities
n_activities.grouped_log n_activities
n_activities.log n_activities
n_activity_instances n_activity_instances
n_activity_instances.activitylog n_activity_instances
n_activity_instances.eventlog n_activity_instances
n_activity_instances.grouped_activitylog n_activity_instances
n_activity_instances.grouped_eventlog n_activity_instances
n_cases n_cases
n_cases.grouped_log n_cases
n_cases.log n_cases
n_events n_events
n_events.activitylog n_events
n_events.eventlog n_events
n_events.grouped_activitylog n_events
n_events.grouped_eventlog n_events
n_resources n_resources
n_resources.grouped_log n_resources
n_resources.log n_resources
n_traces n_traces
n_traces.grouped_log n_traces
n_traces.log n_traces

-- P --

print.eventlog_mapping Generic print function for mapping.
print.log Generic print function for eventlog

-- R --

resources Resources
resources.activitylog Resources
resources.eventlog Resources
resources.grouped_log Resources
resource_id Resource classifier
resource_id.activitylog Resource classifier
resource_id.activitylog_mapping Resource classifier
resource_id.eventlog Resource classifier
resource_id.eventlog_mapping Resource classifier
resource_labels Get vector of resource labels
resource_labels.default Get vector of resource labels
re_map Re map

-- S --

scale_color_continuous_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_color_discrete_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_color_gradient2_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_color_gradient_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_fill_continuous_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_fill_discrete_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_fill_gradient2_bupaR bupaR color scales
scale_fill_gradient_bupaR bupaR color scales
select_ids Select identifiers from log
select_ids.log Select identifiers from log
set_activity_id Set activity id of log
set_activity_id.default Set activity id of log
set_activity_instance_id Set activity instance id of log
set_activity_instance_id.eventlog Set activity instance id of log
set_case_id Set case id of log
set_case_id.default Set case id of log
set_lifecycle_id Set lifecycle id of log
set_lifecycle_id.default Set lifecycle id of log
set_resource_id Set resource id of log
set_resource_id.default Set resource id of log
set_timestamp Set timestamp of eventlog
set_timestamp.eventlog Set timestamp of eventlog
simple_eventlog Simple Eventlog
slice_activities Slice Activities
slice_events Slice Events
standardize_lifecycle Standardize format of lifecycle types
standardize_lifecycle.eventlog Standardize format of lifecycle types
summary.eventlog Generic summary function for eventlog class
summary.grouped_eventlog Generic summary function for eventlog class

-- T --

timestamp Timestamp classifier
timestamp.activitylog Timestamp classifier
timestamp.activitylog_mapping Timestamp classifier
timestamp.eventlog Timestamp classifier
timestamp.eventlog_mapping Timestamp classifier
timestamps Timestamp classifiers
timestamps.activitylog Timestamp classifiers
timestamps.activitylog_mapping Timestamp classifiers
timestamps.eventlog Timestamp classifiers
timestamps.eventlog_mapping Timestamp classifiers
to_activitylog Convert eventlog object to activitylog object.
to_eventlog Convert activitylog to eventlog
to_eventlog.activitylog Convert activitylog to eventlog
to_eventlog.grouped_activitylog Convert activitylog to eventlog
traces Traces
traces.grouped_log Traces
traces.log Traces
trace_list Trace list
trace_list.activitylog Trace list
trace_list.eventlog Trace list
trace_list.grouped_log Trace list

-- U --

ungroup_eventlog Ungroup event log
ungroup_eventlog.eventlog Ungroup event log
ungroup_eventlog.grouped_log Ungroup event log