Best Subset GLM and Regression Utilities

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Documentation for package ‘bestglm’ version 0.37.3

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bestglm-package bestglm: Best Subset GLM
AirQuality Daily ozone pollution with meteorlogical and date inputs
bestglm Best Subset GLM using Information Criterion or Cross-Validation
CVd Cross-validation using delete-d method.
CVDH Adjusted K-fold Cross-Validation
CVHTF K-fold Cross-Validation
Detroit Detroit homicide data for 1961-73 used in the book Subset Regression by A.J. Miller
dgrid Scaled Variables Dependency Plots: Output vs Inputs
Fires Forest fires in Montesinho natural park. Standardized inputs.
fitted.pcreg Fitted values in PCR and PLS.
glmnetGridTable Multipanel Display and Table Glmnet CV Output.
glmnetPredict Glmnet Prediction Using CVAV.
grpregPredict Predictions on Test Data with Grpreg
hivif Simulated Linear Regression (Train) with Nine Highly Correlated Inputs
Iowa Iowa School Test
LOOCV Leave-one-out cross-validation
manpower Hospital manpower data
mcdonald Pollution dataset from McDonald and Schwing (1973)
MontesinhoFires Forest fires in Montesinho natural park
NNPredict Nearest Neighbour Regression Prediction
oneSDRule Utility function. Implements the 1-sd rule.
pcreg Principal Component and Partial Least Squares Regression
plot.pcreg Diagnostic plots for PCR and PLS
plot1SDRule Plot Regularization Path and One Standard Deviation Rule
predict.pcreg Predict Method for Pcreg.
print.bestglm Print method for 'bestglm' object
print.pcreg Print method for 'pcreg' object
resid.pcreg Residuals Fitted PCR or PLS
residuals.pcreg Residuals Fitted PCR or PLS
rubber Abrasion loss for various hardness and tensile strength
SAheart South African Hearth Disease Data
Shao Simulated Regression Data
sphereX Sphere Data Matrix
summary.bestglm summary of 'bestglm' object
summary.pcreg Summary Method for Pcreg.
to.binary Binary representation of non-negative integer
trainTestPartition Partition Dataframe into Train/Test Samples
vifx Variance Inflation Factor for a Design Matrix
znuclear Nuclear plant data. Quantitative inputs logged and standardized.
zprostate Prostate cancer data. Standardized.