Techniques for Evaluating Clustering

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Documentation for package ‘Clustering’ version 1.7.7

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appClustering Clustering GUI.
basketball This data set contains a series of statistics (5 attributes) about 96 basketball players:
best_ranked_external_metrics Best rated external metrics.
best_ranked_internal_metrics Best rated internal metrics.
bolts Data from an experiment on the affects of machine adjustments on the time to count bolts.
clustering Clustering algorithm.
convert_toOrdinal Method to convert columns to ordinal.
evaluate_best_validation_external_by_metrics Evaluates algorithms by measures of dissimilarity based on a metric.
evaluate_best_validation_internal_by_metrics Evaluates algorithms by measures of dissimilarity based on a metric.
evaluate_validation_external_by_metrics Evaluate external validations by algorithm.
evaluate_validation_internal_by_metrics Evaluate internal validations by algorithm.
export_file_external Export result of external metrics in latex.
export_file_internal Export result of internal metrics in latex.
plot_clustering Graphic representation of the evaluation measures.
result_external_algorithm_by_metric External results by algorithm.
result_internal_algorithm_by_metric Internal results by algorithm
sort.clustering Returns the clustering result sorted by a set of metrics.
stock The data provided are daily stock prices from January 1988 through October 1991, for ten aerospace companies.
stulong The study was performed at the 2nd Department of Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and Charles University Hospital. The data were transferred to electronic form by the European Centre of Medical Informatics, Statisticsand Epidemiology of Charles University and Academy of Sciences.
transform_dataset Method for filtering external columns of a dataset.
transform_dataset_internal Method for filtering internal columns of a dataset.
weather One of the most known testing data sets in machine learning. This data sets describes several situations where the weather is suitable or not to play sports, depending on the current outlook, temperature, humidity and wind.
[.clustering Filter metrics in a 'clustering' object returning a new 'clustering' object.