Automatic Codebooks from Metadata Encoded in Dataset Attributes

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Documentation for package ‘codebook’ version 0.9.2

Help Pages

add_R Append R to string, if it doesn't end in R already.
aggregate_and_document_scale Aggregate variables and remember which variables this were
bfi Mock BFI data
codebook Generate rmarkdown codebook
codebook_browser Browse and search codebook
codebook_component_scale Codebook component for scales
codebook_component_single_item Codebook component for single items
codebook_data_info Codebook data info
codebook_items Tabular codebook
codebook_missingness Codebook missingness
codebook_survey_overview Codebook survey overview
codebook_table Codebook metadata table
compact_codebook Compact Codebook
compute_reliabilities Compute reliabilities
data_description_default Data description default
detect_missing Detect missing values
detect_missings Detect missing values
detect_scales Detect item scales
dict_to_list Go from a named list to a key-value data frame or data dictionary and back
ended How many surveys were ended?
expired How many surveys were expired?
get_skimmers.haven_labelled Define skimmers for haven_labelled variables
get_skimmers.haven_labelled_spss Define skimmers for haven_labelled_spss variables
has_label Has label
has_labels Has labels
knit_print.htest Print a 'stats::cor.test()' object for knitr
knit_print.multilevel Print a 'psych::multilevel.reliability()' object for knitr
label_browser Browse and search variable and value labels
label_browser_static Browse and search variable and value labels
likert_from_items Derive a likert object from items
list_to_dict Go from a named list to a key-value data frame or data dictionary and back
load_data_and_render_codebook Submit a data file and an rmarkdown template as a file to generate a codebook. Used chiefly in the webapp.
md_pattern Missing data patterns
metadata Add metadata to a dataset
metadata<- Add metadata to a dataset
metadata_jsonld Metadata as JSON-LD
metadata_list Metadata from dataframe
modified How many surveys were modified?
new_codebook_rmd Create a codebook rmarkdown document
plot_labelled Plot labelled vector
rescue_attributes Rescue lost attributes
reverse_labelled_values Reverse labelled values reverse the underlying values for a numeric 'haven::labelled()' vector while keeping the labels correct
skim_codebook Skim codebook
to_factor To factor
zap_attributes Zap attributes
zap_labelled Zap labelled class