Contextual Importance and Utility

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Documentation for package ‘ciu’ version 0.6.0

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ciu-package ciu: Contextual Importance and Utility
ciu Create 'ciu' object.
ciu.barplot ciu.barplot Create CIU.BlackBox object
ciu.explain Calculate CIU for specific instance
ciu.ggplot ciu.ggplot
ciu.ggplot.col CIU feature importance/utility plot using ggplot.
ciu.meta.explain ciu.meta.explain CIU meta-result object Create CIU object
ciu.pie ciu.pie
ciu.plot ciu.plot
ciu.plot.3D ciu.plot.3D
ciu.relative Calculate CIU of a sub-concept/input relative to an intermediate concept (or output). CIU result object
ciu.textual Give textual CIU explanation Create 'CIU' object from 'ciu' object.
_PACKAGE ciu: Contextual Importance and Utility