Computes Bias-Adjusted Treatment Effect

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Documentation for package ‘bate’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

collect_par Collect parameters from the short, intermediate and auxiliary regressions
cplotbias Create contour plot of bias
delfplot Plot graph of function delta=f(Rmax)
dplotbate Histogram of bias adjusted treatment effect
expand_border Extend border of bounded box by +/- e
get_border Identify all border points in a region
mycubic Compute roots of the cubic equation
mydisc Evaluates discriminant of the cubic equation
NLSY_BW NLSY Birth Weight.
osterbds Computes identified set according to Oster (2019)
osterdelstar Computes delta* according to Oster (2019)
ovbias Compute bias adjusted treatment effect taking parameter vector as input.
ovbias_lm Compute bias adjusted treatment effect taking three lm objects as input.
ovbias_par Compute bias adjusted treatment effect taking data frame as input.
partocoef Returns coefficients of the cubic equation
selectroot Select root of the cubic based on the root of a nearest point
split_nurr Split a region into two parts
urrplot Region plot to demarcate URR and NURR for the bounded box