Agent Based Model Simulation Framework

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Documentation for package ‘ABM’ version 0.3

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ABM Agent Based Model Simulation Framework
addAgent add an agent to a population
Agent R6 class that represent an agent
clearEvents Unschedule all event from an agent
Contact An R6 class that implements a contact pattern in R
Event R6 class to create and represent an event
getAgent Get the agent at an index in the population
getID Get the ID of the agent.
getSize Get the size of a population
getState Get the state of the agent
getTime returns the event time
getWaitingTime Generate a waiting time from an WaitingTime object
leave leave the population that the agent is in
matchState Check if the state of an agent matches a given state
newAgent Create an agent with a given state
newConfigurationModel Creates a random network using the configuration model
newCounter Create a logger of the Counter class
newEvent Creates a new event in R
newExpWaitingTime Creates an exponentially distributed waiting time
newGammaWaitingTime Creates an gamma distributed waiting time
newPopulation Create a new population
newRandomMixing Creates a RandomMixing object
newStateLogger Create a logger of the StateLogger class
Population R6 class that represents a population
schedule Schedule (attach) an event to an agent
setDeathTime set the time of death for an agent
setState Set the state of the agent
setStates Set the state for each agent in a population
Simulation R6 class Create and represent a Simulation object
State The state of an agent
stateMatch Check if two states match
unschedule Unschedule (detach) an event from an agent