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Documentation for package ‘datacutr’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

apply_cut Applies the datacut based on the datacut flagging variables
create_dcut Create Datacut Dataset (DCUT)
datacutr_ae Adverse Events SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_dm Demographics SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_ds Disposition SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_fa Findings About Events or Interventions SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_lb Laboratory Test Results SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_sc Subject Characteristics SDTMv Dataset
datacutr_ts Trial Summary SDTMv Dataset
date_cut xxSTDTC or xxDTC Cut
drop_temp_vars Drops Temporary Variables From a Dataset
impute_dcutdtc Imputes Partial Date/Time Data Cutoff Variable (DCUTDTC)
impute_sdtm Imputes Partial Date/Time SDTMv Variables
process_cut Wrapper function to prepare and apply the datacut of SDTMv datasets
pt_cut Patient Cut
special_dm_cut Special DM Cut to reset Death variable information past cut date