A Method for 'Connecting The Dots' in Weighted Graphs

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Documentation for package ‘CTD’ version 1.2

Help Pages

cohorts_coded Disease cohorts with coded identifiers
data.combineData Combine datasets
data.imputeData Impute missing values
data.surrogateProfiles Generate surrogate profiles
data.zscoreData Z-transform available data
graph.connectToExt Connect a node to its unvisited "extended" neighbors
graph.diffuseP1 Diffuse Probability P1 from a starting node
graph.diffusionSnapShot Capture the current state of probability diffusion
graph.naivePruning Network pruning for disease-specific network determination
graph.netWalkSnapShot Capture the current location of a network walker
Miller2015 Miller et al. (2015)
mle.getEncodingLength Minimum encoding length
mle.getMinPtDistance Get minimum patient distances
mle.getPtBSbyK Generate patient-specific bitstrings
mle.getPtDist CTDncd: A network-based distance metric.
multiNode.getNodeRanks Generate multi-node node rankings ("adaptive" walk)
singleNode.getNodeRanksN Generate single-node node rankings ("fixed" walk)
stat.entropyFunction Entropy of a bit-string
stat.fishersMethod Fisher's Combined P-value
stat.getDirSim DirSim: The Jaccard distance with directionality incorporated.
Thistlethwaite2020 Thistlethwaite et al. (2020)
Wangler2017 Wangler et al. (2017)