Client for the Captricity API

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Documentation for package ‘captr’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

captr-package captr: R Client for the Capticrity API
batch_price Price of a Batch
captr captr: R Client for the Capticrity API
captr_CHECKAUTH Check if authentication information is there
captr_GET GET
create_batch Create Batch
delete_batch Delete a Batch
delete_job Delete a Job
get_all Get All the Data For a Particular Job in a csv
get_batch_details Get Details of a particular batch
get_instance_set Get Instance Set
get_template_id Set Template ID
list_batches List Batches
list_batch_files List all the files in a batch
list_docs List Documents
list_instance_sets List Instance Sets
list_jobs List Jobs
set_batch_template Assign Template ID to a Batch
set_token Sets Application Token
submit_batch Submit the Batch for Processing
test_readiness Test Readiness of a Batch
track_progress Track Progress of a Job
upload_image Upload Image
user_profile User Profile