Discontinuous Regression and Image Processing

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Documentation for package ‘DRIP’ version 1.7

Help Pages

brain Brain image
circles Image of circles
cv.jpex Bandwidth Selection and Noise Level Estimation
diffLC2K local constant kernel difference
diffLCK local constant kernel difference
diffLL2K local linear kernel difference
diffLLK local linear kernel difference
dKQ edge detection, performance measure
jpex Blind Image Deblurring
JPLLK_surface Denoising and jump-preserving
kid Image of a kid taking test
lena Image of Lena
modify1 Edge detection, post processing
modify2 Edge detection, post processing
peppers Image of peppers
roofDiff roof/valley edge detection
roofEdge Edge detection, denoising and deblurring
roofEdgeParSel roof/valley edge detection, parameter selection
sar Synthetic aperture radar image of an area near Thetford forest, England
stepEdgeLC2K Edge detection, denoising and deblurring
stepEdgeLCK Edge detection, denoising and deblurring
stepEdgeLL2K Edge detection, denoising and deblurring
stepEdgeLLK Edge detection, denoising and deblurring
stepEdgeParSelLC2K edge detection, parameter selection
stepEdgeParSelLCK edge detection, parameter selection
stepEdgeParSelLL2K edge detection, parameter selection
stepEdgeParSelLLK edge detection, parameter selection
stopsign Image of Stop Sign
surfaceCluster Denoising, deblurring and edge-preserving
surfaceCluster_bandwidth Denoising, deblurring, bandwidth selection, and edge-preserving
threeStage Denoising, deblurring and edge-preserving
threeStageParSel image denoising/deblurring, bandwidth selection, bootstrap