Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression

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Documentation for package ‘BGLR’ version 1.0.8

Help Pages

BGLR Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
BLR Bayesian Linear Regression
getVariances getVariances
mice mice dataset
mice.A Pedigree info for the mice dataset
mice.pheno Phenotypical data for the mice dataset
mice.X Molecular markers
plot.BGLR Plots for BGLR Analysis
predict.BGLR Model Predictions
readBinMat readBinMat
read_bed read_bed
read_ped read_ped
residuals.BGLR Extracts models residuals
summary.BGLR summary for BGLR fitted models
wheat wheat dataset
wheat.A Pedigree info for the wheat dataset
wheat.sets Sets for cross validation (CV)
wheat.X Molecular markers
wheat.Y Grain yield
write_bed write_bed