Accurate Generalized Linear Model

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Documentation for package ‘aglm’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

aglm-package aglm: Accurate Generalized Linear Model
AccurateGLM-class Class for results of 'aglm()' and 'cv.aglm()'
aglm Fit an AGLM model with no cross-validation
AGLM_Input-class S4 class for input
coef.AccurateGLM Get coefficients
createEqualFreqBins Create bins (equal frequency binning)
createEqualWidthBins Create bins (equal width binning)
cv.aglm Fit an AGLM model with cross-validation for lambda
cva.aglm Fit an AGLM model with cross-validation for both alpha and lambda
CVA_AccurateGLM-class Class for results of 'cva.aglm()'
deviance.AccurateGLM Get deviance
executeBinning Binning the data to given bins.
getLVarMatForOneVec Create L-variable matrix for one variable
getODummyMatForOneVec Create a O-dummy matrix for one variable
getUDummyMatForOneVec Create a U-dummy matrix for one variable
plot.AccurateGLM Plot contribution of each variable and residuals
predict.AccurateGLM Make predictions for new data
print.AccurateGLM Display textual information of the model
residuals.AccurateGLM Get residuals of various types