Detailed Distributional Decomposition

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Documentation for package ‘ddecompose’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

aggregate_terms Aggregate decomposition terms
bootstrap_estimate_ob_decompose Bootstrapping the OB decomposition
dfl_decompose DFL reweighting decomposition
dfl_decompose_bootstrap Bootstrapping the DFL reweighting decomposition
dfl_decompose_estimate Estimate the DFL reweighting decomposition
estimate_iq_range Interquantile range
estimate_iq_ratio Interquantile ratio
estimate_ob_decompose Estimate OB decomposition
fit_and_predict_probabilities Predict conditional probabilities
get_distributional_statistics Estimate distributional statistics
get_normalized_difference Get normalized differences
GU_normalization Gardeazabal and Ugidos normalization of factor variables
GU_normalization_get_coefficients Get coefficients for GU normalization
GU_normalization_get_vcov Get covariance matrix for GU normalization
GU_normalization_sum_coefficients Sum coefficients for GU normalization
GU_normalization_sum_vcov Sum covariance matrix for GU normalization
men8305 Sample of male wage data from the CPS 1983-1985 and 2003-2005
nlys00 Sample of NLSY79 wage data from 2000
ob_decompose Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition
ob_decompose_calculate_terms Calculate OB decomposition terms
ob_decompose_calculate_vcov Calculate covariance matrix for OB decomposition terms
plot.dfl_decompose Plot decomposition terms for quantiles
plot.ob_decompose Plot decomposition terms for quantiles
print.dfl_decompose print method for class "dfl_decompose"
print.ob_decompose print method for class "ob_decompose"
select_observations_to_be_trimmed Select observations with little common support to be trimmed
summary.dfl_decompose summary method for class "dfl_decompose"
summary.ob_decompose summary method for class "ob_decompose"