Extracts the Backbone from Graphs

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Documentation for package ‘backbone’ version 2.1.2

Help Pages

backbone backbone: Extracts the Backbone from Graphs
backbone.extract Extracts a backbone network from a backbone object
backbone.suggest Suggest a backbone model
bicm Bipartite Configuration Model
disparity Extract backbone using the Disparity Filter
fastball Randomize a binary matrix using the fastball algorithm
fdsm Extract backbone using the Fixed Degree Sequence Model
fixedcol Extract backbone using the Fixed Column Model
fixedfill Extract backbone using the Fixed Fill Model
fixedrow Extract backbone using the Fixed Row Model
global Compute global threshold backbone
osdsm Extract backbone using the Ordinal Stochastic Degree Sequence Model
pb Poisson binomial distribution function
sdsm Extract backbone using the Stochastic Degree Sequence Model
sparsify Extract the backbone from a network using a sparsification model
sparsify.with.geometric Extract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Geometric backbone
sparsify.with.gspar Extract Satuluri et al's (2011) G-spar backbone
sparsify.with.hypergeometric Extract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Hypergeometric backbone
sparsify.with.jaccard Extract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Jaccard backbone
sparsify.with.localdegree Extract Hamann et al.'s (2016) Local Degree backbone
sparsify.with.lspar Extract Satuluri et al's (2011) L-spar backbone
sparsify.with.meetmin Extract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) MeetMin backbone
sparsify.with.quadrilateral Extract Nocaj et al.'s (2015) Quadrilateral Simmelian backbone
sparsify.with.simmelian Extract Nick et al's (2013) Simmelian backbone
sparsify.with.skeleton Extract Karger's (1999) skeleton backbone