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Documentation for package ‘cancerscreening’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

cancerscreening-configuration cancerscreening configuration
get_analytics_formatted Retrieves Analytics Table Data from KHIS
get_breast_cbe Retrieves Data for Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) Conducted
get_breast_cbe_target_population Screening Target Populations
get_breast_mammogram Retrieves Data for Mammograms Conducted
get_breast_mammogram_target_population Screening Target Populations
get_breast_ultrasound Retrieves Data for Breast Ultrasound Conducted
get_cervical_hiv_screened Retrieves Cervical Cancer Screening Data on HIV Positive Women
get_cervical_positive Retrieves Cervical Cancer Screening Data with Positive Results
get_cervical_screened Retrieves Cervical Cancer Screening Data
get_cervical_target_population Screening Target Populations
get_cervical_treated Retrieves Cervical Cancer Precancerous Treatment Data
get_colorectal_colonoscopy Retrieves Data for Colorectal Screening using Colonoscopy
get_colorectal_fobt Retrieves Data for Colorectal Screening Using FOBT
get_colorectal_target_population Screening Target Populations
get_data_elements_metadata Get Data Elements Metadata
get_data_sets_formatted Retrieves Data Set Reporting Rate Metrics
get_filtered_population Filters the Population
get_lab_bone_marrow Retrieves the Bone Marrow Laboratory Data
get_lab_fluid_cytology Retrieves the Fluid Cytology Data
get_lab_fna Retrieves the Fine-Needle Aspiration Laboratory Data
get_lab_smears Retrieves the Cytology Smears Laboratory Data
get_lab_tissue_histology Retrieves the Tissue Histology Laboratory Data
get_organisation_units_metadata Get Organisation Units Metadata
local_cancerscreening_quiet cancerscreening configuration
target_population Screening Target Populations
with_cancerscreening_quiet cancerscreening configuration