Adaptive and Automatic Gradient Boosting Computations

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Documentation for package ‘agtboost’ version 0.9.3

Help Pages

agtboost Adaptive and automatic gradient boosting computations.
caravan.test The Insurance Company (TIC) Benchmark
caravan.train The Insurance Company (TIC) Benchmark
gbt.complexity Return complexity of model in terms of hyperparameters.
gbt.convergence Convergence of agtboost model.
gbt.importance Importance of features in a model.
gbt.ksval Kolmogorov-Smirnov validation of model
gbt.load Load an aGTBoost Model Save an aGTBoost Model
gbt.train aGTBoost Training.
predict.Rcpp_ENSEMBLE aGTBoost Prediction
predict.Rcpp_GBT_COUNT_AUTO aGTBoost Count-Regression Auto Prediction