Air Quality Data Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘AirMonitor’ version 0.4.0

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AirMonitor-package Air Quality Data Analysis
addAQILegend Add an AQI legend to a map
addAQILines Add AQI lines to a plot
addAQIStackedBar Create stacked AQI bar
addShadedNight Add nighttime shading to a timeseries plot
AirFire_S3_archiveBaseUrl USFS maintained archive base URL
AirMonitor Air Quality Data Analysis
airnow_loadAnnual Load annual AirNow monitoring data
airnow_loadDaily Load daily AirNow monitoring data
airnow_loadLatest Load most recent AirNow monitoring data
airnow_loadMonthly Load monthly AirNow monitoring data
airsis_loadAnnual Load annual AIRSIS monitoring data
airsis_loadDaily Load daily AIRSIS monitoring data
airsis_loadLatest Load most recent AIRSIS monitoring data
aqiCategories Generate AQI categories
aqiColors Generate AQI colors
Camp_Fire Camp Fire example dataset
Carmel_Valley Carmel Valley example dataset
CONUS CONUS state codes
coreMetadataNames Names of standard metadata columns
epa_aqs_loadAnnual Load annual AirNow monitoring data
monitor_aqi Calculate hourly NowCast-based AQI values
monitor_arrange Order _mts_monitor_ time series by metadata values
monitor_bestTimezone Return the most common timezone
monitor_check Check an _mts_monitor_ object for validity.
monitor_collapse Collapse an 'mts_monitor' object into a single time series
monitor_combine Combine multiple 'mts_monitor' objects
monitor_dailyBarplot Create daily barplot
monitor_dailyStatistic Create daily statistics for each monitor in an _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_dailyThreshold Daily counts of values at or above a threshold
monitor_distinct Retain only distinct data records in monitor$data
monitor_dropEmpty Drop device deployments with all missing data
monitor_dygraph Create Interactive Time Series Plot
monitor_filter General purpose metadata filtering for _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_filterByDistance Filter by distance from a target location
monitor_filterDate Date filtering for _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_filterDatetime Datetime filtering for 'mts_monitor' objects
monitor_filterMeta General purpose metadata filtering for _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_fromPWFSLSmoke Convert a ws_monitor object from the PWFSLSmoke package
monitor_getCurrentStatus Get current status of monitors
monitor_getData Extract dataframes from _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_getDataFrame Extract dataframes from _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_getDistance Calculate distances from _mts_monitor_ locations to a location of interest
monitor_getMeta Extract dataframes from _mts_monitor_ objects
monitor_isEmpty Test for an empty _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_isValid Test _mts_monitor_ object for correct structure
monitor_leaflet Leaflet interactive map of monitor locations
monitor_load Load monitoring data from all sources
monitor_loadAnnual Load annual monitoring data from all sources
monitor_loadDaily Load daily monitoring data from all sources
monitor_loadLatest Load most recent monitoring data from all sources
monitor_mutate Apply a function to _mts_monitor_ time series
monitor_nowcast Apply NowCast algorithm to _mts_monitor_ data
monitor_pull Extract a column of metadata or data
monitor_reorder Subset and reorder time series within an _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_replaceValues Replace _mts_monitor_ data with another value
monitor_select Subset and reorder time series within an _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_selectWhere Data-based subsetting of time series within an _mts_monitor_ object.
monitor_setTimeAxis Extend/contract _mts_monitor_ time series to new start and end times
monitor_slice_head Subset time series based on their position within an _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_slice_tail Subset time series based on their position within an _mts_monitor_ object
monitor_timeInfo Get time related information for a monitor
monitor_timeRange Get the time range for a monitor
monitor_timeseriesPlot Create timeseries plot
monitor_toAQCTable Convert monitor data into an AQI category table
monitor_toCSV Convert monitor data as CSV
monitor_toPWFSLSmoke Convert a mts_monitor object to a ws_monitor object for the PWFSLSmoke package
monitor_trimDate Trim a _mts_monitor_ object to full days
NW_Megafires NW_Megafires example dataset
pollutantNames Names of standard pollutants
QC_invalidateConsecutiveSuspectValues Invalidate consecutive suspect values.
US_52 US state codes
US_AQI US EPA AQI Index levels, names, colors and action text
wrcc_loadAnnual Load annual WRCC monitoring data
wrcc_loadDaily Load daily WRCC monitoring data
wrcc_loadLatest Load most recent WRCC monitoring data