Companion Animal Population Management

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Documentation for package ‘capm’ version 0.14.0

Help Pages

capm-package The capm Package
Calculate2StageSampleSize Two-stage cluster sampling size and composition (Deprecated)
CalculateGlobalSens Global sensitivity analysis
CalculateLocalSens Local sensitivity analysis
CalculatePopChange Population change.
CalculateSimpleSampleSize Simple random sample size
CalculateStratifiedSampleSize Stratified random sample size
cats Cat's sample data from Pinhais, Brazil, 2017
cluster_sample Household data from a two-stage cluster sample
DesignSurvey Survey design
dogs Dog's sample data from Pinhais, Brazil, 2017
FreqTab Frequency table of categorical variables
GetDataIASA Get initial values and paramters for IASA model from survey data
MapkmlPSU Creates *.kml files of a subset of polygons from a polygon shapefile
PlotGlobalSens Plot results of GlobalSens function
PlotHHxSpecies Distribution of households according to the number of inhabitants one or more species
PlotImmigrationFlow Plot immigration flows
PlotLocalSens Plot results of CalculateLocalSens function
PlotModels Plot results of capm model functions
PlotPopPyramid Population PlotPopPyramid
psu_ssu Census tracts of Pinhais, Brazil.
SamplePPS Sampling with probability proportional to size and with replacement
SampleSystematic Simple and stratified systematic sampling
SetRanges Parameter ranges for global sensitivity analysis
SolveIASA Modelling of immigration, abandonment, sterilization and adoption of companion animals
SolveSI Modelling of sterilization and immigration of comapnion animals.
SolveTC Modelling of reversible contraception for companion animals
SummarySurvey Summary statistics for sample surveys