Boundary Overlap Statistics

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Documentation for package ‘BoundaryStats’ version 2.1.1

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A.delicatus_crs Afrixalus delicatus genetic groups projection
A.delicatus_ext Afrixalus delicatus genetic groups extent
A.delicatus_matrix Afrixalus delicatus genetic groups
A.sylvaticus_crs Afrixalus sylvaticus genetic groups projection
A.sylvaticus_ext Afrixalus sylvaticus genetic groups extent
A.sylvaticus_matrix Afrixalus sylvaticus genetic groups
boundary_null_distrib Null distribution for overlap statistics
categorical_boundary Define the boundary elements of a SpatRaster with categorical data
define_boundary Define the boundary elements of a SpatRaster with numeric data or boundary intensities
ecoregions_crs Ecoregion data for East Africa projection
ecoregions_ext Ecoregion data for East Africa extent
ecoregions_matrix Ecoregion data for East Africa
gauss_random_field_sim Gaussian random field neutral model
grassland_crs Grassland land cover projection
grassland_ext Grassland land cover extent
grassland_matrix Grassland land cover
L.concolor_crs Leptopelis concolor genetic groups projection
L.concolor_ext Leptopelis concolor genetic groups extent
L.concolor_matrix Leptopelis concolor genetic groups
L.flavomaculatus_crs Leptopelis flavomaculatus genetic groups projection
L.flavomaculatus_ext Leptopelis flavomaculatus genetic groups extent
L.flavomaculatus_matrix Leptopelis flavomaculatus genetic groups
max_subgraph Length of the longest subgraph
mod_random_clust_sim Modified random cluster neutral landscape model
n_subgraph Number of subgraphs
Odirect Direct overlap between boundary elements.
overlap_null_distrib Null distribution for boundary overlap statistics
Ox Average minimum distance from x boundary elements to nearest y boundary element.
Oxy Average minimum distance between boundary elements of two variables
plot_boundary Map the boundary elements of two raster layers
random_raster_sim Stochastic neutral landscape model
sobel_operator Sobel-Feldman operator for edge detection
T.cristatus_crs Triturus cristatus genetic groups projection
T.cristatus_ext Triturus cristatus genetic groups extent
T.cristatus_matrix Triturus cristatus genetic groups