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Documentation for package ‘bskyr’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

bs_auth Authenticate a user
bs_created_at Get current time in Bluesky format
bs_create_record Create a record in a repo
bs_delete_record Delete a record in a repo
bs_describe_repo Describe a repo
bs_get_actor_lists Get a list of lists that belong to an actor.
bs_get_actor_suggestions Get a list of actors suggested for following
bs_get_author_feed Retrieve posts on an actor's feed
bs_get_blocked_lists Retrieve a user's (self) muted lists
bs_get_blocks Retrieve user (self) blocks
bs_get_feed Build feed from user's feed generator
bs_get_feeds Retrieve a list of feeds created by a given actor
bs_get_feed_generator Get specific information about one feed generator
bs_get_feed_generators Get information about a list of feed generators
bs_get_feed_suggestions Get a list of feed suggestions
bs_get_followers Retrieve an actor's followers
bs_get_follows Retrieve an actor's follows
bs_get_follow_suggestions Get suggested follows related to a given actor
bs_get_likes Retrieve posts liked by an actor
bs_get_muted_lists Retrieve a user's (self) muted lists
bs_get_mutes Retrieve a user's (self) muted accounts
bs_get_notifications Get the user's (self) notifications
bs_get_notification_count Get the user's (self) number of unread notifications
bs_get_pass Check or Get Bluesky App Password
bs_get_posts Retrieve thread of posts
bs_get_post_likes Retrieve likes on a post
bs_get_post_thread Retrieve thread of posts
bs_get_preferences Get (Self) Preferences
bs_get_profile Get Profile for a Bluesky Social User
bs_get_record Get an arbitrary record from a repo
bs_get_reposts Retrieve actors who reposted a post
bs_get_timeline Retrieve the user's home timeline
bs_get_user Check or Get Bluesky User
bs_has_pass Check or Get Bluesky App Password
bs_has_user Check or Get Bluesky User
bs_like Like an existing post
bs_list_records List records in a repo
bs_post Make a post on Bluesky Social
bs_repost Repost an existing post
bs_resolve_handle Resolve a Handle to Decentralized Identifier (DID)
bs_search_actors Find profiles matching search criteria
bs_search_posts Find posts matching search criteria
bs_set_pass Add Entry to Renviron
bs_set_user Adds Bluesky User to .Renviron.
bs_upload_blob Upload a blob to a repo
bs_uri_to_url Convert Universal Resource Identifiers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure URLs
get_bluesky_pass Check or Get Bluesky App Password
get_bluesky_user Check or Get Bluesky User
has_bluesky_pass Check or Get Bluesky App Password
has_bluesky_user Check or Get Bluesky User
pass Check or Get Bluesky App Password
set_bluesky_pass Add Entry to Renviron
set_bluesky_user Adds Bluesky User to .Renviron.
user Check or Get Bluesky User