Market Structure, Concentration and Inequality Measures

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Documentation for package ‘concstats’ version 0.1.6

Help Pages

concstats_all_comp A wrapper for the proposed concentration measures
concstats_all_inequ A wrapper for the proposed inequality measures
concstats_all_mstruct A wrapper for the proposed structural measures
concstats_comp Group of Concentration Measures
concstats_concstats A set of Market Structure, Concentration, and Inequality Measures
concstats_dom Dominance Index
concstats_entropy Shannon Entropy
concstats_firm Number of firms
concstats_gini Gini Index
concstats_grs GRS measure
concstats_hhi Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
concstats_hhi_d Dual of the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
concstats_hhi_min Minimum of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
concstats_inequ Inequality and Diversity Measures
concstats_mstruct Market Structure Measures
concstats_nrs_eq Numbers equivalent
concstats_palma Palma ratio
concstats_simpson Gini-Simpson Index
concstats_sten Stenbacka Index
concstats_top Top market share
concstats_top3 Top 3 market share
concstats_top5 Top 5 market share
creditcoops Creditcoops