Characterising and Locating Ecotones and Communities

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Documentation for package ‘EcotoneFinder’ version 0.2.3

Help Pages

arrange.vars Re-ordering columns in dataframes:
cbindna qpcR method.
clustergram Clustergram base function
clustergram.cmeans cmeans function for clustergram
clustergram.cmeans.Ind cmeans clustering with fuzzy indices computation for clustergram
clustergram.kmeans Type function that clustergram takes for clustering.
clustergram.plot.matlines Plot function for clustergram
clustergram.vegclust Vegclust function for clustergram
clustergram.vegclust.Ind Vegclust clustering with fuzzy indices computation for clustergram
clustergramInd Clustergram with fuzzy indices plot
CommunityColor Tool to assign color to species distribution plots given fuzzy clustering results.
curveNoPlot Adaptation of the curve function (without plot).
DistEco Tools for internal data structure exploration
EcotoneFinder Wraper function to perform ecological gradient analysis
EcotoneFinderSeries Extension of EcotoneFinder for space/time series
ExtractCentroid Visualisation of fuzzy centroids:
FuzzyIndice.plot.matlines Plot function for fuzzy indices with clustergram.
ggEcotone GGplot method for EcotoneFinder
NetworkCommunity Perform Spinglass algorythm and find networks communities
NetworkEco Networks for ecotones and communities
NetworkEcoSeries Networkeco for data series
plotEco Plotting component for EcotoneFinder
plotEcotone Plot method for EcotoneFinder
plotEnv Plotting component for EcotoneFinder when run on environmental data
plotSlope Plotting component for Slope
rbindna qpcR method.
Slope Method to calculate the derivative of irregular functions:
SyntheticData Create synthetic gaussian-shaped species abundance data
SyntheticDataSeries Synthetic data for Space/Time series