Bayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC

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Documentation for package ‘boa’ version 1.1.8-2

Help Pages

boa.acf Autocorrelation Function
boa.chain Session Lists of MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.add Add MCMC Sequence
boa.chain.collapse Concatenate MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.del Delete MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.eval Formulate New Parameter
boa.chain.gandr Gelman and Rubin Convergence Diagnostics
boa.chain.import Import MCMC Sequence Information about MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.reset Reset MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.subset Subset MCMC Sequences Set Support for Parameters
boa.geweke Geweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.handw Heidelberger and Welch Convergence Diagnostics
boa.hpd Highest Probability Density Interval
boa.importASCII Import ASCII Data
boa.importBUGS Import BUGS Data
boa.importMatrix Import ASCII Data
boa.init Start Session
boa.load Load Session Interactive BOA Menu
boa.par Global Parameters
boa.plot Plot Parameters in MCMC Sequences
boa.plot.acf Plot Autocorrelation Function
boa.plot.bandg Plot Brooks and Gelman Multivariate Shrink Factors
boa.plot.density Plot Density Functions
boa.plot.gandr Plot Gelman and Rubin Shrink Factors
boa.plot.geweke Plot Geweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.plot.history Plot Parameter Estimation Histories
boa.plot.par Set Plotting Parameters
boa.plot.title Add Plot Title
boa.plot.trace Plot Trace Histories
boa.print.acf Print Autocorrelation Functions
boa.print.cor Print Correlation Matrices
boa.print.gandr Print Gelman and Rubin Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.geweke Print Geweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.handw Print Heidelberger and Welch Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.hpd Print Highest Probability Density Intervals Print Information about MCMC Sequences
boa.print.par Print Global Parameters' Descriptions and Current Values
boa.print.randl Print Raftery and Lewis Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.stats Print Summary Statistics
boa.quit Quit Session
boa.randl Raftery and Lewis Convergence Diagnostics Save Session
boa.stats Summary Statistics
line BUGS Line Example
line1 BUGS Line Example
line2 BUGS Line Example