Fast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data

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Documentation for package ‘bootSVD’ version 1.1

Help Pages

As2Vs Convert low dimensional bootstrap components to high dimensional bootstrap components
bootPCA Quickly calculates bootstrap PCA results (wrapper for bootSVD)
bootSVD Calculates bootstrap distribution of PCA (i.e. SVD) results
bootSVD_LD Calculate bootstrap distribution of n-dimensional PCs
EEG_leadingV Leading 5 Principal Components (PCs) from EEG dataset
EEG_mu Functional mean from EEG dataset
EEG_score_var Empirical variance of the first 5 score variables from EEG dataset
fastSVD Fast SVD of a wide or tall matrix
ffmatrixmult Matrix multiplication with "ff_matrix" or "matrix" inputs
genBootIndeces Generate a random set of bootstrap resampling indeces
genQ Generate random orthonormal matrix
getMomentsAndMomentCI Calculate bootstrap moments and moment-based confidence intervals for the PCs.
os Quickly print an R object's size
qrSVD Wrapper for 'svd', which uses random preconditioning to restart when svd fails to converge
reindexMatricesByK Used for calculation of low dimensional standard errors & percentiles, by re-indexing the A^b by PC index (k) rather than bootstrap index (b).
reindexVectorsByK Used to study of the bootstrap distribution of the k^th singular values, by re-indexing the list of d^b vectors to be organized by PC index (k) rather than bootstrap index (b).
simEEG Simulation functional EEG data