Learning Sparse Log-Ratios for Compositional Data

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Documentation for package ‘codacore’ version 0.0.4

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activeInputs.codacore activeInputs
codacore codacore
Crohn Microbiome composition related to Crohn's disease study
FranzosaMetabolite Metabolite relative abundances (Franzosa et al., 2019)
FranzosaMicrobiome Micriobiome relative abundances (Franzosa et al., 2019)
getBinaryPartitions getBinaryPartitions
getDenominatorParts getDenominatorParts
getLogRatios getLogRatios
getNumeratorParts getNumeratorParts
getNumLogRatios getNumLogRatios
getSlopes getSlopes
getTidyTable getTidyTable
HIV Microbiome, HIV infection and MSM factor
plot.codacore plot
plotROC plotROC
predict.codacore predict
print.codacore print
sCD14 Microbiome and sCD14 inflammation parameter
simulateHTS simulateHTS