R Interface to the Europe PubMed Central RESTful Web Service

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Documentation for package ‘europepmc’ version 0.4

Help Pages

epmc_annotations_by_id Get annotations by article
epmc_citations Get citations for a given publication
epmc_db Retrieve external database entities referenced in a given publication
epmc_db_count Retrieve the number of database links from Europe PMC publication database
epmc_details Get details for individual records
epmc_ftxt Fetch Europe PMC full texts
epmc_ftxt_book Fetch Europe PMC books
epmc_hits Get search result count
epmc_hits_trend Get the yearly number of hits for a query and the total yearly number of hits for a given period
epmc_lablinks Get links to external sources
epmc_lablinks_count Summarise links to external sources
epmc_profile Obtain a summary of hit counts
epmc_refs Get references for a given publication
epmc_search Search Europe PMC publication database
epmc_search_ Get one page of results when searching Europe PubMed Central
epmc_search_by_doi Search Europe PMC by DOIs
epmc_search_by_doi_ Search Europe PMC by a DOI name
europepmc europepmc - an R client for the Europe PMC RESTful article API