Statistical Network Analysis of Animal Social Networks

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Documentation for package ‘aniSNA’ version 1.0

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aniSNA aniSNA
bootstrapped_difference_pvalues To obtain two non-overlapping bootstrapped versions and obtain p-values for the significance of difference between them
correlation_analyze To perform correlation analysis for local network metrics
distance_radian_coordinates Calculate distance between two pairs of radian coordinates
elk_2010_permutations A list of 100 igraph objects obtained by permuting the raw elk_data_2010 and obtaining network from those
elk_all_interactions_2010 Dataset of all possible interactions from elk_data_2010
elk_data_2010 Data to showcase functions in our package
elk_interactions_2010 Dataset of interactions from elk_data_2010 using first mode as the spatial threshold
elk_network_2010 An igraph object depicting the network obtained from elk_interactions_2010
get_coordinates_in_radian To obtain latitude and longitude values in radian
get_interactions To obtain interactions from raw GPS observations
get_network_summary Calculates and prints network summary statistics
get_spatial_threshold To obtain spatial threshold for calculating interactions from raw GPS observations. The threshold is obtained as the distance interval that captures maximum number of inter-individual interactions.
interacting_pairs Function to obtain pairs of interacting animals
network_from_interactions Function to obtain a network structure from interactions dataframe
network_subsamples To generate subsamples and obtain network metrics of the subsamples
obtain_bootstrapped_samples To obtain bootstrapped versions of a network
obtain_permuted_network_versions Function to obtain permuted networks from raw datastream
plot.bootstrapped_pvalue_matrix To plot the results obtained from bootstrapped_difference_pvalues function
plot.list_correlation_matrices To plot correlation analysis results
plot.list_permuted_networks Function to plot the network metrics distribution of permuted networks
plot.list_regression_matrices To plot regression analysis results
plot.Subsampled_Network_Metrics To plot sub-sampling results
plot.Subsampled_Permuted_Network_Metrics To plot sub-sampling results of the original network and permuted networks
plot.Width_CI_matrix To plot the results obtained from width_CI function
plot_network Visualize Animal Network
rcpp_hello_world Simple function using Rcpp
regression_slope_analyze To perform regression analysis for local network metrics
subsamples_permuted_networks To generate subsamples of the permuted networks and obtain network metrics of those subsamples
width_CI To obtain width of confidence intervals using bootstrapped versions at each level of sub-sampling