Extract Subsequences from GenBank Annotations

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Documentation for package ‘AnnotationBustR’ version 1.3.0

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AnnotationBust Breaks up genbank sequences into their annotated components based on a set of search terms and writes each subsequence of interest to a FASTA for each accession number supplied.
AnnotationBustR An R package to extract sub-sequences from GenBank annotations under different synonyms
cpDNAterms Chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) Search Terms
FindLongestSeq Find the longest sequence for each species from a list of GenBank accession numbers.
MergeSearchTerms Merging of two tables containing search terms to expand search term database for the AnnotationBust function.
mtDNAterms Mitochondrial DNA Search Terms for Animals
mtDNAtermsPlants Mitochondrial DNA Search Terms for Plants
rDNAterms Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) Search Terms