Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)

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Documentation for package ‘AdaptGauss’ version 1.5.6

Help Pages

AdaptGauss-package Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
MultiModal-package Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
AdaptGauss Adapt Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM)
Bayes4Mixtures Posterioris of Bayes Theorem
BayesClassification BayesClassification
BayesDecisionBoundaries Decision Boundaries calculated through Bayes Theorem
BayesFor2GMM Posterioris of Bayes Theorem for a two group GMM
CDFMixtures cumulative distribution of mixture model
Chi2testMixtures Pearson's chi-squared goodness of fit test
ClassifyByDecisionBoundaries Classify Data according to decision Boundaries
EMGauss EM Algorithm for GMM
GMMplot_ggplot2 Plots the Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) withing ggplot2
InformationCriteria4GMM Information Criteria For GMM
Intersect2Mixtures Intersect of two Gaussians
KStestMixtures Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
LikelihoodRatio4Mixtures Likelihood Ratio for Gaussian Mixtures
LKWFahrzeitSeehafen2010 Truck driving time seaport 2010
LogLikelihood4Mixtures LogLikelihood for Gaussian Mixture Models
MultiModal Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM)
Pdf4Mixtures Calculates pdf for GMM
PlotMixtures Shows GMM
PlotMixturesAndBoundaries Shows GMM with Boundaries
QQplotGMM Quantile Quantile Plot of Data
RandomLogGMM Random Number Generator for Log or Gaussian Mixture Model
Symlognpdf computes a special case of log normal distribution density